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To begin with...

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

 I   Circle the correct words.

1 He works in a restaurant. Is/Does he?

2 On may first day at school I cried/used to cry.

3 While I was playing football, I broke/was breaking my leg.

4 This food isn't hot enough/enough hot for me to eat.

5 This is the man who/whose book I read.


II   Four of these sentences have mistakes. Find and correct them.

1 I don't agree with you. I think Dan is right.

2 Could you tell me where is the railway station?

3 We were walking along the road when we suddenly were seeing a police car.

4 They didn't want to talk to me.

5 I went to a restaurant which you can buy real Italian ice-cream.

6 All political parties are as stupid like all others.

7 We aren't rich enough to buy a new house.

8 There are some very good books here.


III   Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.

1 It's nice to see that they (talk) to each other now.

2 (The Beatles, sing) 'Help? in 1965?

3 Rembrandt (not paint) the Mona Lisa.

4 When I was young I (use be) lazy.

5 I saw the beach while I (drive) to the hotel.


IV   Rewrite the sentences. Use the words in capital letters. Do not change the meaning of the original sentence.

1 Where do we get our money from?     GET

Could you tell me __________ money from?

2 He often went out when he was at school.     USED

He often __________ when he was at school.

3 Could you tell me which house you live in?     DO

Which __________ live in?

4 I didn't like sports when I was at school.     TO

I __________ like sports when I was at school.

5 The cakes in Joe's cafe are fresher than the cakes here.     AS

The cakes here __________ the cakes in Joe's cafe.

6 I can't eat this meal, it's too unhealthy.     ISN'T

This meal __________ for me to eat.

7 There aren't many vegetarians in my class.     A

There are only __________ vegetarians in my class.

Verb Forms

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Verb Forms

Verb Forms

Here are some crosswords for practising verb forms!


Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

Comparison of Adjectives

My dear students, with these two links and exercises entitled Practice for the First Written Exam and Some More Practice for the First Written Exam, you have just enough to do. Just add some vocabulary from the book. Good luck!

Present Simple/Continuous

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Present Simple/Continuous

Worksheet Grammar (11 - 14)

Звезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна


1. I hope to visit Greece next summer.

2. I have a friend, June, who is taking a course in Modern Greek.

3. I have decided to sign up for the same course.

4. June has been learning Greek for several months already.

5. She spent a few days on the island of Corfu last year and enjoyed herself.

6. If I start now, next summer I will know enough at least to order a gyros.

7. While I am studying, I'll be thinking about the sun, beaches, and the greta time I'll have there.

8. Maybe I can practice my Greek on some Greek students.

9. June told me about the Corfu and how beautiful it is.

10. She plans to go again when she saves up enough money.



1. Somehow I (feel) that I (meet) that man before.

2. Helen (shut) all the windows before the storm (start).

3. I (be) very nervous because I (never, fly) before.

4. After he (give) the horse a lump of sugar he (try) to ride it.

5. By the time Vincent (reach) the phone, the caller (hang) up the receiver.

6. Paul (forget) to fill up with petrol, so the car (stop) just outside the garage.



1. What time do you have (dinner)?

2. ___ flowers in ___ garden are beautiful.

3. ___ Dublin is ___ capital of ___ Ireland.

4. ___ Easter always comes on ___ Sunday.

5. Do you know anything about ___ life of Abraham Lincoln.

6. ___ life is interesting.

7. ___ vegetarians don't eat ___ meat.

8. I have ___ older brother and ___ younger sister.

9. My father is ___ artist but I want to be ___ banker.

10. He locked himself in ___ bathroom.

11. Can I ask you ___ question?   -   ___ question you asked was silly.

12. Who locked ___ door?

13. Who's ___ man speaking to Tom?

14. Tom has ___ pet. ___ pet's name is Blackie.

15. They roured ___ world together.



1. I/live/the USA/I/celebrate Thanksgiving

2. I/be/you/I/not go/party

3. I/see/John/I/tell/him

4. we/not have/Christmas/we/not have/a good time in winter

5. you/help me/homework/I/help you/yours

6. I/live in/future/I/live on/moon

7. I/not go/party/I/go/football match

8. we/be/rich/we/not buy/expensive jewellery